Football injuries impair team performance and create a financial burden

Injuries are unfortunately common in professional football. The impact of these injuries on a team’s performance and club finances are estimated in this article published in BMJ Open Sport and Exercise Medicine. These are important considerations as they will likely have a significant impact on a club’s desire to pursue injury prevention strategies and to [...]

Is aerobic exercise an effective treatment for players with migraine?

Migraine is considered to be one of the most disabling conditions experienced by young adults. There are a variety of treatment options that are available to these patients. Non-pharmacological treatments are one of the most attractive treatment strategies considering the possible adverse effects of many common migraine drugs. The paper included in this FastFact evaluates [...]
Midfoot Ganglion

Midfoot Ganglion

Case A 45-year-old male recreational football player presents with a four month history of swelling over the dorsum of his right foot. He cannot identify any significant cause for this. He reported increasing difficulty wearing tightly fitting shoes as well as altered sensation over his great toe. On examination there was a visible, and palpable, [...]