Dr Andrew Jowett

Centre of Excellence:

Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre, Melbourne, Australia

Medical Specialty:

Sport and Exercise Medicine Physician

General information:

Andrew is a sport and exercise physician with a lifelong interest in health, fitness and sports medicine. He has had practical experience in many sports including several of the different codes of football played in Australia, but has developed a passion for football.

His football highlight was involvement as team physician for the Socceroos (Australian mens national team) as they qualified for the World Cup finals in Germany for the first time in 32 years.

He has several roles in promoting healthy and safe community sport as current Chairman of Sports Medicine Australia and Chief Medical Officer for the local football federation.

Andrew is also involved in research through LaTrobe and Deakin Universities.

Team/Sports/Research/Academic Involvement:

  • Medical Director, Melbourne Victory FC, A-League Australia
  • Team Physician, Australian National Football team 1996-2006 including World cup finals, Germany 2006
  • Chief Medical Officer, Football Federation of Victoria
  • Clinic Director FIFA Medical CoE Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre
  • Associate Professor La Trobe University Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre