Dr Christian Schneider

Centre of Excellence:

Orthopaedic Clinic Munich-Harlaching, Munich, Germany

Medical Specialty:

Orthopaedic surgeon, specialist sports medicine and conservative treatments

General information:

Christian works for the Germany Olympic Team as a specialist in the orthopaedic field of sports medicine in different sports. This also includes many weeks per year on fields or play grounds. Special interest and research knowledge on back problems in sports with a focus on medical requests and related topics.

Team/Sports/Research/Academic Involvement:

  • CMO Orthopaedics German Olympic Team DOSB
  • CMO IBSF Bobsleigh and Skeleton
  • Team Physician FC Ingolstadt
  • Partner MiSpEx Research Network for Back pain in Sports
  • Head of Sportsorthopaedic Institut SCHÖN KLINIK (FIFA Centre of Excellence)