Dr Dato’ Gurcharan Singh

    Centre of Excellence:

    ADAMAS, National Sports Institute, Kuala Lumpur

    Medical Specialty:

    Sports Medicine Physician

    General information:

    Dato’ Guru is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He has post-graduate qualifications namely – Masters in Occupational Medicine and Masters in Sports Medicine from Australia. In addition, a FIFA Instructor in Football Medicine and had officiated at several Olympic Games, World Cup Finals, Commonwealth Games, Regional Games and IOC sports medicine seminars and anti-doping workshops since 1983. He is responsible for organisation of medical & anti-doping services during tournaments; involved in varied research projects, implementation of “football for health” projects, organisation of sports medicine seminars, anti-doping workshops and member expert panel for age determination, gender verification, TUE advisory panel, anti-doping case management.

    Team/Sports/Research/Academic Involvement:

    • Chairman, AFC Medical Committee & Member, FIFA Medical Committee
    • Instructor in Sports Medicine (IOC, FIFA, BWF, OCM etc.)
    • Collaboration with FIFA Medical Assessment & Research Committee
    • Chairman, Medical Commission, Badminton World Federation
    • Director, Medical Department, Asian Football Confederation

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