Dr Donald Kirkendall

    Centre of Excellence:

    Duke Sports Science Institute, Durham, USA

    Medical Specialty:

    Exercise Science

    General information:

    Don is a lifelong player and licensed coach with a PhD in exercise science who continued his love of The Beautiful Game’ by studying soccer on multiple levels. With over 80 published peer-reviewed publications, many focused on soccer, Don brings a broad perspective on training, nutrition, and specific topics in football medicine. He is a Member of F-MARC and sits on the US Soccer Sports Medicine Advisory Committee.

    Team/Sports/Research/Academic Involvement:

    • FIFA Instructor: Lectured in the FUTURO III program on Football Medicine
    • Author of two commercial books on football
    • Certified by the Board of Editors in Life Sciences (ELS)
    • Particular interests in football performance, MTBI, Injury mechanisms, Injury prevention