Dr Ecki Hermann

    Medical Specialty:

    General Practitioner – Specialist of Sports Medicine and Musculoskeletal Medicine

    General information:

    Ecki is the owning partner and director of the medical centre Drs. Hermann & Marxer Medicare AG in Liechtenstein. He is involved in many associations and therefore taking care of athletes from different disciplines. Enjoying several disciplines by himself (Biking, jogging, skiing etc) his great passion is football. After studying medicine at the University of Zurich in Switzerland he specialised in Sports Medicine and started working as a team physician and Chief Medical Officer for the Liechtenstein Football Association in 2004. In addition, in 2008 he graduated with an MBA in Entrepreneurship.

    He is married, has two daughters and lives in his hometown in Schaan in Liechtenstein.

    Team/Sports/Research/Academic Involvement:

    • Chief Medical Officer Liechtenstein Football association(LFV) 2004 -2014
    • Team Physician A Team LFV since 2004
    • Chief Medical Officer Liechtenstein Olympic Team (LOC)
    • Chief Medical Officer GSSE (Games of the Small States of Europe) 2003, 2007, 2013, CMO and member of the Organising Committee of GSSE in Liechtenstein 2011 and the EYOF (European Youth Olympics) in Liechtenstein and Austria 2015
    • Chief Medical Officer Special Olympics Liechtenstein (SOL) since 2001
    • CMO and member of the Organising Committee of Special Olympics of several tournaments/events in Liechtenstein; CMO Summer World Games in Athens and Los Angeles
    • Medical Officer FIFA World Cup 2014 Brasil in Natal
    • FIFA Medical Committee Member since 2010