Dr Javier Ismael Yanguas Leyes

Centre of Excellence:

Medical Services of FC Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Medical Specialty:

Sport and Exercise Physician

General information:

Javier is a Sports and Exercise Medicine Physician based in Barcelona, Spain. Since June 2008 he works in Futbol Club Barcelona, as team doctor of the second team and this season, 2015-2016, in the first team. Previously, he worked in Udinese Calcio (2007-2008) and in male National Field Hockey Team (2002-2006). He works also in Traumatology & Emergency Care in Hospital de Terrassa since 2009.

Team/Sports/Research/Academic Involvement:

  • Team Doctor in the FC Barcelona First Team.
  • PhD in Bioimpedance and Muscle injuries in Athletes.
  • Collaborator Teacher in some Sports’ Masters in Institut Nacional d’Educació Física de Catalunya (INEFC), Barcelona.

Pain in the tendon is very common among individuals who play football either competitively or as a hobby.

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