Dr Ricard Pruna

Centre of Excellence:

Medical Services of FC Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Medical Specialty:

Sport and Exercise Medicine

General information:

Ricard Pruna is a Sport and Exercise Physician based in Barcelona, Spain. Ricard is Head of Medical for FC Barcelona, caring for the professional team, the Football Academy, Women’s Football and Futsal.

Since 1997 he is the First Team Doctor for FC Barcelona and has worked with nine different coaches. He attributes special dedication to trauma and orthopedics (Master in Traumatology by University of Barcelona), and focuses on MUSCLE and TENDON injuries.  An expert in ultrasound, and a PhD on genetics and injuries. He lectures at the University of Barcelona. Ricard has extensive experience in all football competitions (Spainsh Liga, Champions League, Super-Cup, and Club World Cups). Before joining football, he was involved in others sports such as handball and tennis.

Albert Einstein and Steve Hawkings are his favourite authors.