Injury prevention in football

Mr Matt Whalan is a physiotherapist, exercise physiologist and researcher based in Wollongong, Australia. He is currently completing his PhD in injury prevention in football at The University of Wollongong. Matt is part of Australia’s National Teams Unit and has worked with the men’s Young Socceroos (U20s), Joeys (U17s) and women’s Young Matildas (U20s) and has been an author on a number of publications in the football injury prevention research space.


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Le11 de la FIFA est base sur la PRÉVENTION.pour prévenir les blessures il faut maîtriser les exercices. Avoir à l esprit l anatomie la physiologie et la biomecanique.
Pour éviter les graves blessures il faut savoir préparer l organisme par des gestes sûrs et précis.
Faire des massages préparatoires à l effort des étirements des strechings pour donner une certaine vie aux muscles aux tendons aux articulations.
Former des cadres en prévention des blessures devient un impératif pour nos sportifs.
Exiger auprès des associations sportives la vulgarisation du programme 11 au niveau des encadreurs des formations sportives.


Being here wel be the best thing of my life because football is not that much matter

Dr Aniemena-George Chidi Chinenye
Dr Aniemena-George Chidi Chinenye

I think injury prevention in Football should primarily include prevention of Cardiac related issues in Football.
It should not be seen as a different entity.
The heart is the number one Muscular organ in the human body.
We loss players day in day out, in and off the field of play.
Very little is being done to prevent this, especially in developing countries.


The pre-season medical and physical evaluations are fundamental for the prevention of injuries, illnesses and contribute to having a base that allows the season to start without any setback.