FIFA11+ Referees

After the success of the FIFA 11+ in football players, a specific injury-prevention programme has also been developed for referees and match officials. This programme is based on the original FIFA 11+, but also considers the specific injury profile of match officials and the experiences gained working with referees at FIFA World Cups and other tournaments.

The modified injury-prevention programme, the FIFA 11+ Referees (for referees and assistant referees), has been implemented within FIFA’s refereeing teams. After a successful pilot phase, the programme has been disseminated worldwide through official FIFA refereeing courses.

FIFA’s 2014 refereeing team warming up with the FIFA 11+

Nicola Rizzoli (Italy). Referee of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Final and FIFA 11+ ambassador.

The FIFA 11+ Referee edition has a focus on limiting the incidence of overuse injuries – as these are the most common injuries affecting match officials. The programme differs for referees and assistant referees.

Dr Mario Bizzini

Sports Physiotherapist