Individualised programmes

While most of this module has focused on relatively generic injury-prevention programmes (designed to be used by teams), there may be some additional value in tailoring programmes to the needs of individual players. This is especially common at the elite level, or when working with players who have sustained an injury and who are in the process of rehabilitation.

Biomechanical motion analysis provides information of how individuals perform football-related activities and may elucidate which motions apply adverse stress to the body and specific structures. These motions include, but are not limited to, hip adduction and internal rotation, decreased hip and knee flexion upon landing and during defensive play, and excessive knee abduction.

Dedicated programmes can be tailored to the specific needs of individual players. While this is commonly done at the elite level this is always practical for recreational players. A dedicated programme requires and assessment from a health professional, individualised exercise prescription and follow-up.

Dr Mario Bizzini

Sports Physiotherapist