Injuries are relatively common among football players. While it will never be possible to prevent all of these injuries, research conducted by F-MARC has shown that it is possibly to substantially reduce the risk of injury. Performing the FIFA 11+ injury-prevention programme in place of a more traditional warm-up programme can reduce the risk of injury by 30% and the risk of more severe injuries, like an ACL injury by 50%. These programmes are applicable to both male and female players and in children and referees.

In order to effectively prevent injury, players must complete the injury-prevention programmes regularly. Achieving coach buy-in is also critical to their success. A coach education workshop is a very useful strategy to achieve this goal. A focus on performance enhancement, rather than injury prevention, is also suggested.

Injury-prevention programmes, like the FIFA 11+ are still relevant to elite or professional players. These players may also benefit from a more individualised programme to address each player’s own injury risk factors.