The FIFA Medical Network is designed for health professionals from a variety of backgrounds and for anyone who is interested in football medicine. The goal of the network is to provide a platform for clinicians from around the world to interact and share their knowledge or experience. Harness the power of the football medicine community.

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General guidelines

When posting to the network, please remember that this is a very large group. Although it is necessary to log on to participate in discussions, nothing said on the internet is ever truly private and all posts should be considered public. Nothing covered by physician patient privilege or an expectation of confidentiality should be posted here.

For your own safety, we offer the following guidance and ask that you adhere to a few simple rules:

We ask that members remain mindful of their duty of confidentiality, which extends to their own families as well as their patients. Please refrain from discussing patients or providing any information that could possibly identify a patient. Posts about specific patients will be removed.

We encourage robust conversation but will delete any posts that are considered hurtful or disrespectful to any community member or group of people.

To anyone posting or responding to posts containing personal medical questions, bear in mind the limitations inherent in an online forum. Please note that medical advice provided online is not covered by any medical indemnity insurance provider. Any advice provided by members is to be interpreted as general information only and is not a substitute for medical advice provided by your own treating doctor or a specialist colleague consulted in real time under professional circumstances. By joining and participating in this group, you agree not to hold fellow members or admins liable for any adverse outcome that arises because of information posted here.