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This month’s 11 in 11 talk features Dr Celeste Geertseema. Celeste is a Sport and Exercise Physician based at the Aspetar, Qatar Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic hospital in Qatar. She was the first female team doctor to attend a FIFA World Cup (in South Africa, 2010), is a FIFA Venue Medical Officer at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia and was an invited speaker at the 2018 Isokinetic Football Medicine conference in Barcelona. In this talk Celeste will outline some of the differences between the men’s and women’s game (historical, physical and financial) and explore why these might exist. She will also talk about the changing commercial landscape in the women’s game, increasing participation rates and will speculate on what might happen in the women’s game over the next decade.

About Dr Celeste Geertseema

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25 June 2018 23:46

Du point de vue morphologie nous avons des nuances entre homme et femme La femme à les épaules plus étroites ce qui lui donne l avantage dans le sport de LANCÉES Ensuite elle a aussi un bassin plus large La femme à beaucoup plus de graisse Nous avons des disciplines sportives ou les femmes rivalisent les hommes donc le choix dans l orientation doit être rigoureux Dans le foot féminin l Europe et L AMÉRIQUE raffolent la mise à cause des gros moyens que ces continents mettent pour le développement A nos jours rare sont des disciplines qui sont pas… Read more »

Thomas Stadnicki
Thomas Stadnicki
27 June 2018 0:44

The other factor not discussed here is that of wagering on the games.

29 June 2018 12:05

ankle sprain may not be as simple as we think

Mona Verma
28 June 2020 23:24

Exllent explaintion, thanku so much

Pouria Rostami
16 October 2020 21:55

Perfect 👍