Prof Ron Maughan

    Medical Specialty:

    Exercise physiologist with an interest in sports nutrition

    General information:

    Ron Maughan obtained his BSc (Physiology) and PhD from the University of Aberdeen, and was based in the Medical School there for almost 25 years. He now has an emeritus position at Loughborough University. He has spent much of his career working on a range of projects that have attempted to understand the physiological responses to exercise and the nature of fatigue, but has included many digressions along the way. He chairs the Nutrition Working Group of the Medical Commission of the International Olympic Committee.

    Team/Sports/Research/Academic Involvement:

    • Professor Emeritus at Loughborough University
    • Visiting Professor at Stirling University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong
    • Director of the IOC Diploma programs in Sports Nutrition (since 2004), Sports Medicine (since 2013) and Sports Physical Therapies (since 2015)

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