Should you return to play following injury?

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This month’s ‘11 in 11’ session features Dr Mark Fulcher. Dr Fulcher is a Sport and Exercise Physician based at Axis Sports Medicine Specialists, a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence in Auckland, New Zealand. He is the Editor in Chief of the FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine and a member of the FIFA Medical Committee. Dr Fulcher is also the Medical Director of New Zealand Football. In this talk he will discuss some of the challenges associated with return to play – and explore whether this is always a desirable outcome.

About Dr Mark L Fulcher

Centre of Excellence:
Axis and UniSports Sports Medicine, Auckland, New Zealand

Medical Specialty:
Sport and Exercise Physician

General information:
Mark is a Sports and Exercise Medicine Physician based in Auckland, Zew Zealand. Mark is the Medical Director for both New Zealand Football and Netball NZ and has been the doctor for the All Whites (the mens national team). Mark has a university appointment and is involved with Sports Medicine education contributing regularly as a guest speaker/lecturer at universities and sports medicine meetings.

Team/Sports/Research/Academic Involvement:

  • Medical Director New Zealand Football
  • All Whites Team Physician
  • LOC General Medical Officer FIFA U20 World Cup 2015
  • Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland
  • Managing Partner, Axis Sports Medicine Specialists (FIFA Centre of Excellence)
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19 April 2018 9:52

Sorry but the quality/volume of Fulcher’s voice is really bad

Fernando Teles
21 April 2018 14:09

great talk about a very relevant topic, thanks!

24 April 2018 19:31

Le souhait de tous les sportifs blessés est de se voir un jour entrain de jouer dans toute sa plénitude
Pour cela il es important de noter que chaque blessure a un délai qu’ il faut respecter et la reprise doit être progressive
Médecin kinésithérapeute masseur ostéopathe chacun doit oeuvrer pour le retour du sportif blesse