A good warm-up?

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For any warm-up programme to be successful it has to be an effective means of preparing the players for football. It must also be enjoyable and practical for the players and coaches to perform.

The FIFA 11+ programme has been shown to be an efficient means of achieving optimal physiological readiness for sport. 18,19 The programme has also been shown to increase muscle activation in the abdominal rectus, gluteus medius and minimus immediately after completing the programme, corroborating its effect on core activation. 20 Completing the FIFA 11+ regularly has been shown to increase knee strength in male competitive football players. 21

Enhance performance

Doing the FIFA 11+ regularly has been shown to directly improve individual measures of performance. As a result, the FIFA 11+ appears to be an effective method of enhancing performance. This can be a good message to use to sell the programme to coaches and players.

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