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In 2009, FIFA started the dissemination of the 11+ programme to its 209 member associations (MAs). Based on the experience with the countrywide implementation in Switzerland and New Zealand, a guideline on how to implement the FIFA 11+ injury-prevention programme on a large scale in amateur football was developed. It is implemented either through close co-operation between F-MARC and the MAs or via FIFA Coaching Instructor courses. F-MARC supports the MAs in the preparation of the educational material in the local language and the workshops for the first group of instructors to initiate the cascade training.

As we have discussed, the key person with regard to promoting injury prevention in a football setting is the coach. It is important therefore that football coaches receive adequate information about injury-prevention programmes, are empowered to deliver them and are supported with appropriate resources. The FIFA 11+ is best taught to coaches in a workshop that includes theoretical background knowledge and the practical demonstration of the exercises.

A large number of MAs have included the FIFA 11+ in their coaching materials. These countries include high-profile football nations like Spain, Brazil and Germany. Creating this sort of “infrastructure” for the delivery of injury-prevention messages is very important.

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