Return to competition

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Players should satisfy certain requirements before being declared fit following a tendon injury. One of the criteria we use at FC Barcelona is the VISA scale.

  • Athletes with a score lower than 60 should not return to the field.
  • Athletes must have a score of over 80 before re-joining the rest of the playing group.
  • There must have been an improvement of at least 30 points since the first time the questionnaire was answered (and an overall total of more than 70 points).

Meanwhile, the subjective sensation of pain on doing eccentric exercise on the Achilles tendon should reduce by at least half with respect to the start of treatment, according to the subjective pain scale, scored from 0 to 10.

The athlete must also have satisfied the following requirements:

  • adequate levels of muscle strength and volume;
  • disappearance of neovascularisation around the tendon;
  • completion of at least five complete training sessions with the group.

Return to play decisions must be individualised. Click on this image to see the different elements used to guide return to play at FC Barcelona.